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portfolio : motion studies 1

see also: motion studies 2

My portfolios titled “Motion Studies” capture the environment around us during our constant travels from place to place.  As we speed by, the landscape is blurred and fractured, conveying a sense of detachment and isolation.  This distortion is also an apt metaphor for the emotional state of travelers:  we are partially connected to and partially dissociated from our surroundings as we try to move ourselves, literally and figuratively, to a different place.  The chaotic break-up of the image also alludes to the findings of quantum physics, which reminds us that objects that appear fixed and durable are filled with empty space.  

I first began these portfolios in 2002-3, working with film in a traditional darkroom.  The project has been ongoing since that time, and in 2005, I started working digitally.  I plan to continue returning to this subject to see how it will further evolve over time.